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I first ran into the permaculture design concept as a quite full-on environmental activist in 1999 in France. Since then, I’ve studied and practiced permaculture both over in France and here, and started teaching in 2009. I’ve done a lot of permaculture designs over the years, but I didn’t have the level of organisation to get them all into a nice portfolio. Some rainy winter day (or month) I’ll sit down and get it all presentable and load it up here on the blog. For now, rest assured I’ve done a number of successful designs and have been practicing here in Wellington since 2012.

Snapshot permaculture design

A great place to start: during a one-hour visit I get an impression of the land and your wishes and provide you with a “snapshot” of what is possible – along with a quote for a full design for your specific property, taken to the level of detail you desire. The cost of $150 is then deduced from the quote for a full design. Should you decide to go forth by yourself with just the snapshot, the $150 will have you set up with the basic information you need to get started.

Full permaculture design

After an initial snapshot (above), I’ll go through a full design process for your life on your land. It is entirely based on your wishes and the specific possibilities and needs of your land/ecosystem, which means the quotes vary widely. Please contact me for a snapshot, and we’ll take it from there!

Participatory Design Process

My absolutely preferred option is a four-session participatory design process. This allows you to go through a full permaculture design process with my continuous support. It gives you a much deeper understanding of your land and the permaculture possibilities than if I do the design and deliver a finished plan. It’s a great option if you’re a family or sharing a house, as you learn together and develop plans that suit you all.

You do most of the research needed, which helps you learn more about your place and reduces the cost. During the sessions we transform this “raw data” into a permaculture design, drawing on my experience and real life examples. Previous clients have really appreciated this method and it seems to lead to better implementation, as the client actually knows the design for having co-created it.

The basic pricing for this participatory design process is $1350, and includes 4 one-hour visits during which we work together with information you have gathered, and at the end a full written summary with an implementation plan and drawn site plans. The level of detail depends on what you want and it’s always possible to add extra design work or research at the end if you need it and as a separate quote.

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