101 Food Growing

Whether you’re renting or owning no longer matters – here is how to maximise the edible potential of your place ! 

You’ll learn which fruit and veges suit you, your place, your time constraints  –  and how to make an edible garden that doesn’t leave any traces. Portable planters, edible walls, ornamental veges, growing food indoors and how to replace a vege patch with lawn before leaving your rented property : we’ll go through it all and more!

The workshop is 90 minutes long and cost $200 including printed handouts. You organise a group and we can set a date together! The more the merrier, but above 20 participants it tends to be less personalised so please be aware of this.

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      1. Hi Jessica,
        dates show up in the right hand menu (on computers) or below the post/page on tablets and phones. I’m running one 101 Food Growing for sudents this Thursday – no registration needed for that one as it is part of Local Food Week and it is also exceptionally offered for koha (donation)!
        Hope this helps,

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