Seedling overload!

Wow, I’ve been a bit over-enthusiastic this year! Hundreds of seedlings are filling up my hothouse already. I always grow some extras to give away and to plant in the community gardens, but this time I’ve just got too much. So even though the workshops haven’t yet started, get in touch if you want seedlings – they’re germinated in organic seed raising mix and I’ve just pricked them out into organic potting mix with Nature’s Garden from Environmental Fertilisers, which is simply amazing stuff.

Pick up on Friday 3rd, Wednesday 8th or Friday 10th between 12 and 4pm – koha would be appreciated to compensate for the cost and time of growing them (but if you can’t afford that, it’s all right).

Available varieties:
Basil – Genovese
Cress – Upland
Chard – Rainbow
Lettuce – Odell’s
Tomato – Black Cherry, Berao (also called “tree tomato”, grows to 4m high!) and Olirose
Stock – Night Scented

Make sure you follow me on facebook or here on the blog to get updates as the workshops start in a couple of weeks!

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