Labour Day

After this beautiful weekend, the rain is now pouring down and watering all the little seedlings that are just in the ground. My garden looks naked, several beds have been cleared of all the winter cover crops but the new plants are still small. But with this glorious rain, I know they will gear up and grow fast. Real rain is so much better for them than town supply water.

As soon as it dries up now, I’ll go out and spray all the young plants with a high quality liquid fertiliser. That really helps them to resist slugs and snails, develops the root system better and makes the mature plant tastier.

After the rain will also be perfect time to dig up any new beds you’re planning. I’ve got 4m2 of lawn to transform tomorrow, using the bio-intensive double digging method (Grow More Veges). I’m not totally in business yet – waiting for the graphic design for posters, flyers and cards to be finalised – but as gardens can’t wait, you’re welcome to come and learn anyway. Come by if you’d like, it will be like an improvised double digging workshop.

Tuesday 28th, 1.30pm to 3pm, koha – register by text message or call 0210745523 to get the location.

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