The lazy gardeners to-do list

I’ve just made a stupidly long to-do-list. There’s everything from “throw away the old dead pot-plants” to “mulch the citrus trees”. This inspires me to share my prioritising with you  –  maybe make your coming weekend (or week) in the garden just a little bit easier!

Ok, so what absolutely can’t wait? Nothing can wait, you say? No, a lot of the work around the garden can actually be done later. For me, the things that cannot wait just now are:

  • Transplant vegetable and flower seedlings as soon as they’re big enough
  • Protect fruits (I’ve got raspberries, red currants and strawberries ripening now) from birds
  • Mulch as much as I can after watering everything

Things that can still wait, but not for too long:

  • Mow the lawn: if it grows too high it’s annoying and it becomes patchy and uncomfortable to lie on, but the longer I wait the more material there is for the new compost pile, and I like to time the lawn-mowing with the compost making so the grass is fresh.
  • Weed the said berries: as I don’t have enough proper mulch, the weeds act as a decent living mulch, protecting superficial roots  –  I just need to cut them before they seed.
  • Liquid fertilising: I try to do this once a week on a not-too-windy day, but it’s ok to go a couple of weeks or even months without  –  just remember that once you’ve filled up your spray can with the brew, you need to use it all and clean the equipment before you put it away.

And stuff that, “sure, I’d like them to be done, but not today” are:

  • Weed in front of the house (I’ll do that while having a glass in the sun with a friend)
  • Transplant ornamental plants that are in the wrong place (when they’re really cramped and I also have the new spot ready… or never)
  • Pull out the enormous wild fennel plants (as long as  keep them from seeding, they’re not dangerous, really)

Happy weekend in your garden!

P.S. The next few workshop dates are to the right – please send an email to for registration.

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  1. Thanks for the list, I think lots of those things could apply to me too. Especially cover the berries which are starting to look exciting. Firstly I have to untangle it from last years groth of ivy.
    Can you tell me more about the planting perinneals workshop? It’s great to have something on a weekend. How much does it cost and what is it about exactly?

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