The Great Grief

Today, I wish to share an article with you. I’m part of the Dark Mountain movement and have been aware of the mass extinction we live in since I was a child. My understanding is that the unwillingness to feel and accept the Great Grief is one of the main causes for the maintenance of status quo.

Although I now work with hands-on, local solutions, this is the backdrop. I’m no longer wondering what needs to be done to change the course of things – there is too much and my role in that is way too small. But I do think we all need more integrity in our lives: more coherence between our values, what we know about the world, what we know about ourselves and what we choose to do during this short life of ours. The first step on that journey, for many, is feeling and accepting the grief for all the suffering and death that is happening all around us, caused by the industrial, disconnected, hierarchical, patriarchal ecocidal system we are all part of. And then, changing so you and I, as individuals, feel more natural, connected, collaborative, human and can start the regenerating work.

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