Coming soon… WorkerBe Oasis!

You know what?! This is really exciting… Since almost a year, I’ve been working away on this bigger project with Erin Todd from WorkerBe and we’re finally at a stage where we can reveal what we’re doing!

Starting this spring, we’re going to grow huge quantities of food on public land, within Wellington. Yes, that’s the thing! The very first site is in Karori, Thurleigh Grove, and has just been planted as a food forest by a group of volunteers led by Fredd Marshall and Connor Boyle from Grow Aotearoa. The second site (which we’re still waiting for access to) is in Newtown, 8 Hospital Rd and will be prepared this spring and planted with vegetables, inspired by the bio-intensive method.

I’d love you to be part of this as soon as we get the last paperwork finalised and you can join as a volunteer! You get to learn by doing, practice bio-intensive methods in the city and grow food for the beneficiaries of Kaibosh. Right now, you can fill in this form for more info and to be invited to our inaugural meeting.

The project, WorkerBe Oasis, has been selected by The Funding Network to present at a big crowdfunding event taking place 17th September. Please come and support us and the other great projects who will be presenting!

To-do in the oasis this week (26/8 – 1/9)

  • Liquid feed the whole garden 2 days before and 2 days after full moon: Friday 28/8 and Tuesday 1/9.
  • Check & kill slugs & snails
  • Prick out as seeds germinate (see last post)
  • Copper spray stonefruit (plum, peach, cherry, apricot) if you have had curly leaf
  • Plant the very first early potatoes and sunroots (Jerusalem artichokes)
  • Sow carrot & beetroot in the garden with cloches on them, water daily until they’re a couple of centimetres

Photo: Ben Zolno

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  1. Have you got the green light for the hospital site? If so that’s amazing Linnea! What time and where is your fundraising presentation?

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