Bee Aware Month

As you might have noticed, I didn’t post this week. I’ve been down with that awful virus that’s been going around all winter here, while trying to do all that needs doing to get WorkerBe Oasis in the ground, so writing my weekly blog kinda fell of to the wayside… It is very very exciting to gain access to the site behind the hospital in Newtown this week, and all the potential I can sense both in the land and in the group forming.

Now is the time to get involved in this project! We have been selected by the Funding Network to present at their crowdfunding event 17th September, and we’d love you to come! The event is open for all potential donors interested in supporting Wellington charities.

September is also Bee Aware Month, with beekeepers from around the region being more present in public. Take the opportunity to talk to them when you see them and if you want to get the perfect seed mix to feed bees, buy it from the Beekeepeers association, supporting their work.

Briefly, here’s what’s being done in my Oasis this week:

  • watering my seedlings and seeds in the hothouse daily
  • collecting seaweed for liquid fertiliser and compost
  • admiring the peach flowers
  • mulching the fruit bushes
  • sowing bee-friendly flowers
  • weeding as/if neccessary
  • clearing beds that held winter crops so I can compost, fertilise, prepp and plant out the new seedlings

Feel free to get in touch to be part of WorkerBe Oasis:

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