New moon, October

So much is happening now it looks like an actual explotion, except it’s not destructive but a growth explosion! I got back into my garden after two weeks away and it was covered in chickweed (stellaria media). As I chipped away at it with my beautiful Niwashi tool, the soil underneath was moist and open, full of life. It’s the most excellent living mulch – as long as you get it out before it seeds, which I hope i managed to do this time.

Upcoming events:

We’re looking for a child-friendly gardener who would enjoy coordinating the family garden time on Saturdays, please email workerbeoasis at if you’re interested! Another role we’re looking to fill is Compost Guru: if you’re well experienced in making high-carbon, aerated compost and available for a part time contract, get in touch. I could do it of course, but I’d prefer focusing on other parts of the project and open up for more people to be involved.

In my home garden, I’m currently having the biggest aphid infestation I’ve ever seen on my mandarin and orange trees. They’re both in containers and need repotting, but first I want to get rid of a maximum of the little buggers. Yesterday I got them out of the greenhouse, hosed them everywhere and sprayed with neem oil dilution in the evening (when the bees are asleep). I’ll let you know next week how it goes, and if you have any tips please let me know and I’ll share them.

To do this week:

  • Sow all fast germinating seeds
  • Make sure beds are prepared for planting out – aerated, fertilised (Nature’s Garden) and compost incorporated
  • Keep on top of slugs and snails with night patrols
  • Spray brassicas with bt to limit the white butterfly damage
  • Feed everything with either seaweed or fish liquid.
  • Cut all weeds at soil level with a niwashi (available at Commonsense Organics) or a sharp knife. This time of year, I remove them from the garden and put in the compost. I find the soil warms slower with plenty of mulch on top and snails/slugs love mulch…

That’s all folks – hope to see you at one of the events!

IMPORTANT! In the first version of this post, I announced Gardening times for Workerbe Oasis. We’ve decided to push tis forward to November. If you want to come and volunteer before, PLEASE contact me – you’re more than welcome, but we have to be more flexible with time for the next couple of weeks.

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