First Quarter Moon, October

Whoosh! That’s the sound of spring for me. Not just the speed at which growth suddenly bursts forth, but also the wind. Oh the welly winds… Luckily, my little haven is well protected but my previous garden really wasn’t and I feel for all who have a windy garden.

Wind breaks is essential, both using traditional windbreaking cloth from hardware stores and using plants. If you have enough space to plant a proper shelterbelt, I highly recommend it. If you’ve got a tiny wee vege patch, put up little shelters around your plants. Transparent plastic with good stakes deep in the ground is a good solution, like a little bent wall facing the wind. Pull up some soil around the base of it and lean it slightly over the plant so the wind doesn’t uproot your little shelter.


With a few gardener friends, we meet up every so often and do a job in one of our gardens. This Sunday, they all came to my place and we finally did the transplanting of my strawberries which was so overdue. All alone it felt like a too big task: dig up the strawberries, double dig the new bed, sieve compost, put on wormcastings and compost and fertiliser, rake, plant out, mulch… I don’t have a full day to do that! But with my friends it all got done and on top of it we got to catch up, drink tea and eat chocolate. And they helped me with plenty other little things as well which we hadn’t even planned! It’s such a good way to share ideas and get feedback on the weeds, pests and other unknowns in the garden, I really think we all should have our own “gardener pod”.

Gardening friends

So, what’s next? This week, the moon comes into its first quarter on Wednesday. It’s still good to sow seeds for short-germinating plants until then, but after you better stick to feeding plants and managing pests. Leaves grow faster and roots slower in this phase so there’s a higher risk for sap-suckers if the plant’s don’t have all the nutrients they need to build sturdy tissues.

  • Feed all leafy plants with seaweed liquid or ‘Vegetative Foliar” from Environmental Fertilisers.
  • Feed the ones that have started budding, flowering or fruiting with ‘Reproductive Foliar’ (same brand)
  • Keep weeds down with the niwashi and reapply mulch where planted out
  • Prick out seedlings that have come up
  • In the evening, spray neem dilution on anything that’s got aphids (in my case that’s basically the whole hothouse, the mandarin, the orange and the roses… that’s what you get when you don’t repot in time and you leave the country for a couple of weeks!)
  • Keep soil moist and nice, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to rain this week either (Check by opening with a hand trowel and check with your fingers. It should be nice and humid all the way.)
  • Keep an eye on the leafy growth of stone fruit, look for signs of curly leaf and take off and burn/trash affected leaves

There you go! Make sure you follow WorkerBe Oasis facebook page to stay in the loop with the urban farm. I’ll be running my workshops there soon, we’re working on the schedule right now.

Have a nice week and enjoy the sun 🙂 !

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