Full moon, November

I am once again reminded how important it is to keep my committments realistic. The past few weeks have been frantic! Now, workerBe oasis finally has a good crew of volunteers managing all the parts that aren’t my forte. Instead, I can focus on organising the work on the Hospital rd oasis and teach the workshops. And I’ll get some more inspiring stuff up on the blog soon too.

To do this week:

  • Tuesday 24th is 2 days before full moon when I liquid feed all plants on the ground and the leaves – and then again two days after full moon (Saturday)
  • If you want them, plant potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes (sunroot) and yams now
  • Transplant seedlings and continue to prick out as needed – most should have been done last week
  • Harvest flowers for drying (makes great summer gifts)
  • Mulch beds wherever the plants are big enough

This time, the list is adapted from Kay Baxter’s Koanga Garden Guide, as I didn’t have a load of inspiration, and am behind in my blog writing. Big kudos to her and Koanga Institute, I strongly recommend this book which has just come out in a new and great edition.

Next volunteer introduction for workerBe oasis is Wednesday 2/12 at 5.30pm at 5 Hospital rd – if you’re around over summer and want to learn about urban farming, join in!

Next workshop is 101 Food Growing, Thursday 3/12, 6.30 at my place, register by email to rego@edibleoasis.net


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