Autumn plans

This afternoon, the sun is warm outside and I’m working with the window open. I want to savour the last few summery days, even though I love the still clarity of autumn too. It took me quite a few years to get used to seasons here, coming from Sweden and France. But by now, I can really feel the inwards movement that is happening at this time of year, the mornings getting cooler and the evenings slowly darker.

This will all have a sudden jolt when daylight savings ends in a few weeks. Then, evenings will suddenly feel very short, even with more light in the morning. Up until then, we will continue to direct sow carrot, radish and beetroot, and plant out brassicas, lettuces, spinach and different winter salad greens. But hit mid-april and things are seriously slowing down for the annual vegetables. So it’s good timing to give everything a big boost with liquid feed about now, preferrably on Monday 21st, 3 days before full moon.

Autumn is time for building compost heaps with fallen leaves and crop residues. Seaweed is washed up on the beach during the autumn storms, a great addition to compost piles. Now that we have some space available, where we’re not growing vegetables over winter, we can put it to good use by building compost piles there. And if you don’t do that, at least cover your beds with mulch – either living plants or dead, compost, straw or anything that will protect the soil surface over winter.

Fruit bushes and trees are planted in autumn and winter, as are garlic, strawberries and many perennial vegetables. We are refining our plan and will soon order plants from nurseries. If you’re interested in creating a food forest, this is the time! On May 21st, we’re organising a Food Forest gathering for likeminded people. Hopefully, we can do a grouped order after that to get trees and other perennials from Koanga institute and maybe also from other specialist nurseries.

With daylight savings, we’re also changing the hours we spend at the Hospital rd Oasis. Instead of a little everyday, we’ll be there all Sunday afternoon. That leaves us the flexibility to work when weather isn’t too unpleasant during the rest of the week. I’ll continue to do Introduction to workerBe Oasis over winter – or someone else will do it in my stead, as I’ll be away for a while. It’s always the first Wednesday of the month, at 5.30pm. Come and get to know a bit more about the organisation and the Hospital rd farm!

And before it’s too dark and cold, I’ll run another three workshops: Sow Seeds 24/3, Plant Plants 31/3 and Oasis Maintenance 7/4. Registrations are mandatory and confirmed when I receive payment into my account, so register early! Half price for workerBe Oasis members too, and as usual, two tickets available for Timebank credits.

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