Hey… hail?!?

As suddenly as that hail that just clattered down outside, I feel the urge to write again. Hope you don’t mind the long absence, I’ve been busy mothering and working on Food is Free for Sustainability Trust – bringing gardening knowledge with a permaculture twist to more people, and for free (while I’m getting paid, yay!).

That hail though… I rushed out and put my tomato plants back in the greenhouse. , I’m hardening them off at the moment, and won’t plant them until after these cold southerlies we’re having. Hopefully by Wednesday afternoon. Then I’ll give them a good dose of liquid fertiliser on the leaves, and ripped up comfrey leaves in the planting hole, and just hope we won’t get any more of hail and icy southerlies this side of summer! If worst comes to worst, I can always put some Microklima cloth over them.

Otherwise, now in November-December I’ll plant the other summery ones: zucchini, cucumber, basil… But that’s as much as I’ll do. Our garden is now, after 5 years, pretty much self managing with us pitching in to make compost piles (which involves tidying up everywhere to harvest compost materials), occasionally giving some liquid fertiliser, planting the bigger plants and moving self sown seedlings of lettuce, chard and other leafy greens to better spots when they come up to close together.

That’s it. The soil is now so good I rarely need to do anything else, and I hope the accumulated advice and thoughts here and at the Food is Free workshops will help you get to that place of abundance sooner rather than later. Of course, the workshops are way better organised, and more interactive, and you get to meet people… but most of the info is probably hidden somewhere here on the blog as well if you go digging.

Have fun and enjoy spring!


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