About me

Since I discovered organic small-holding in France in 1999, I’ve been involved with many different ways of growing food and lately also with organic food retail.

In 2007, my health started breaking down, first irritable bowel syndrome, then insulin resistance, deregulated female hormones and later both adrenals and thyroid. These issues led me to work deeper on how food is linked to health and how we can address, prevent or support treatment of most chronic illness through nutrient dense whole foods.

I’m also a Permaculture Designer and Teacher, having taught residential 2-week Permaculture Design Certificate courses in France the past few years. As I’m settling down here in Wellington New Zealand, I’m turning my teaching passion towards everyday subjects that touch all of us: health, food, and how we are intrinsically linked to the soil.

I teach out of a suburban house and garden in Newtown, where I live with my partner. Since we moved in, august 2012, I’ve turned as much as possible of the unproductive lawn into edibles and have several fermentations going in my kitchen – my lifestyle is probably not very different from any other suburbanites, and my solutions are applicable in most Wellington backyards and kitchens.

If you prefer a personalised permaculture design for your garden or for your household, I’m also offering one-on-one sessions. These can include anything from just a plan for your vege garden to a full blown design of your energy, waste, water, food and transport systems.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi, I have purchased a home and would like a permaculture design for the section. Could we have a chat about what you offer?

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Food gardening in Wellington NZ

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