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Since I discovered organic small-holding in France back in 1999, I’ve been involved full time (and more!) in many different ways of growing food and organic food retail: woofing for years, farm hand, permaculture design diploma (2 year study), setting up a food co-op / buyers’ club, working at Commonsense here in Wellington and starting the city’s first urban farm, training future urban farmers.

I now offer private sessions for the transformation of your garden or household, based on permaculture design ethics and principles. These can include anything from just a maintenance plan for your vege garden to a full blown revamp of your energy, waste, water, food and transport systems. Enquire here!

I have taught permaculture inspired workshops out of the suburban house and garden in Newtown, where I live with my partner, daughter and two cats. Since we moved in, August 2012, I’ve turned as much as possible of the unproductive lawn into edibles and currently grow about 50 different varieties of edibles – trees, bushes, perennial and annual vegetables. My lifestyle is probably not very different from any other suburban mama’s and my solutions are applicable in most Wellington backyards.


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  1. Hi, I have purchased a home and would like a permaculture design for the section. Could we have a chat about what you offer?

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