First day of summer?

After the Spring Celebration a couple of weeks back, we're now in a period that was celebrated by my ancestors as the first day of summer... even though neither in Sweden nor here it feels very summery at this point! It's definitely clear that the seasons have turned and, apart a few southerly storms, it's... Continue Reading →

Matariki sharing

As you may notice, this time of year, the posts don't come as regularly. I've got a lot on my plate, so this week I'm going to send you on to Kath Irvine, up the coast. She runs Edible Backyard, very similar to what I'm doing - workshops, permaculture design consults and a blog -... Continue Reading →


This week marks the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox - 21 March - and the Winter Solstice - 21 June - here. It is also the week when ANZAC is celebrated. I feel like there is an interesting connection and correlation there. (Since publishing this article, I've discovered Juliet Batten's blog which I highly recommend:¬† Continue Reading →

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