Hey… hail?!?

As suddenly as that hail that just clattered down outside, I feel the urge to write again. Hope you don't mind the long absence, I've been busy mothering and working on Food is Free for Sustainability Trust - bringing gardening knowledge with a permaculture twist to more people, and for free (while I'm getting paid,... Continue Reading →

Super low maintenance garden

This year, I'm setting up a super low maintenance garden at home. With the baby arriving end of December, I won't be out there weeding, watering or anything in January and February, yet I still want the soil to get better and also to eat some of my own produce... So how do I go... Continue Reading →

Ribes family: Nigrum

Who's that? Ribes? That's the currants - blackcurrant, redcurrant, gooseberry, white currant and ornamental currants. I've really been enjoying mine this summer and thought I'd share this with you. Actually, Ribes isn't a family properly speaking, but it's the only genus in the family Grossulariaceae, so we might as well treat it as a family... Continue Reading →

Autumn cleanup

This week, I'm cleaning up my own messy garden and getting it ready for winter. Some areas don't get enough sun to grow any food crops for the next few months, and others just need a spruce up and a bit of compost and fertiliser. I've started by going through with my Niwashi (japanese hand... Continue Reading →

Dark moon, December

Hi lovely reader. You. Thanks for following, for reading, for sometimes commenting. It makes it worthwhile to maintain this, spending a couple of hours a week to gather my thoughts and write something up, and edit to make it all readable. I know, it doesn't happen every week, sometimes there's just too much going on.... Continue Reading →

Dark Moon

Ever wondered about the stories of the Moons influence on your garden? I have. Here's my thoughts and experiences...

First Quarter Moon, October

Whoosh! That's the sound of spring for me. Not just the speed at which growth suddenly bursts forth, but also the wind. Oh the welly winds... Luckily, my little haven is well protected but my previous garden really wasn't and I feel for all who have a windy garden. Wind breaks is essential, both using... Continue Reading →

First stirrings of Spring

The first daffodils and hyacinths are flowering and in spite of the bitterly could southerly we've had the last couple of days, the buds are swelling and we notice the first stirrings of spring. This is also my first blog post since May, both because there's nothing to do in my totally shaded garden this... Continue Reading →

What to do at New Moon

Sow Seeds Two days before the new moon is an excellent time to sow seeds. Lucky for us, this month it is this Saturday 20th in the afternoon, so you may actually have time to put some in the soil. Sow seeds of dwarf beans straight into the soil after soaking 8 hours in rainwater.... Continue Reading →

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