Seedling abundance

Do you tend to end up with ten times more seedlings than you've got garden space for? I certainly do! Or maybe you're running to the shops this week, just before Labour Weekend when we're all supposed to be happily pottering around in our manicured gardens...? Either way, read on! I'm organising a Seedling swap... Continue Reading →

Matariki sharing

As you may notice, this time of year, the posts don't come as regularly. I've got a lot on my plate, so this week I'm going to send you on to Kath Irvine, up the coast. She runs Edible Backyard, very similar to what I'm doing - workshops, permaculture design consults and a blog -... Continue Reading →

Brassica – Cabbages

I want to write about cabbages today, as it seems I'm not the only one sometimes struggling with these. But there are plenty of solutions! The brassica-family consists of cabbages (red, green, savoy, chinese...), kale, cavolo nero, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mustard, radishes, mizuna, mibuna and some other asian salad greens. Except from radishes which... Continue Reading →

A modular PDC in Wellington?

This week I'd like to crowdsource some inspiration from you. First some background: I've been teaching a few Permaculture Design Certificate courses (PDC's) over the past years, as part of a team of teachers in France. I decided to stop that as I moved here permanently, but now the opportunity has come up to create... Continue Reading →

Full moon, November

I am once again reminded how important it is to keep my committments realistic. The past few weeks have been frantic! Now, workerBe oasis finally has a good crew of volunteers managing¬†all the parts that aren't my forte. Instead, I can focus on organising the work on the Hospital rd oasis and teach the workshops.... Continue Reading →

New moon, October

So much is happening now it looks like an actual explotion, except it's not destructive but a growth explosion! I got back into my garden after two weeks away and it was covered in chickweed (stellaria media). As I chipped away at it with my beautiful Niwashi tool, the soil underneath was moist and open,... Continue Reading →

WorkerBe Oasis news

Maybe you've started wondering why I don't post as regularly as you may expect. Well, I get so busy and tangled up in the work around WorkerBe Oasis, the urban farm, that I forget about it! So here are the news: Erin Todd, from WorkerBe, a social enterprise, and myself have recently founded WorkerBe Oasis.... Continue Reading →

Bee Aware Month

As you might have noticed, I didn't post this week. I've been down with that awful virus that's been going around all winter here, while trying to do all that needs doing to get WorkerBe Oasis in the ground, so writing my weekly blog kinda fell of to the wayside... It is very very exciting... Continue Reading →

The Great Grief

Today, I wish to share an article with you. I'm part of the Dark Mountain movement and have been aware of the mass extinction we live in since I was a child. My understanding is that the unwillingness to feel and accept the Great Grief is one of the main causes for the maintenance of... Continue Reading →

Friday fun!

Just a quick update - I've been slack on blogging lately! But it's picking up, now that I've got this yummy feeling that people are reading, and possibly even benefiting from my thoughts and words.¬†I'd love to have your feedback and know what you'd like me to write about. This Friday a 5pm I'm running... Continue Reading →

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