Autumn cleanup

This week, I'm cleaning up my own messy garden and getting it ready for winter. Some areas don't get enough sun to grow any food crops for the next few months, and others just need a spruce up and a bit of compost and fertiliser. I've started by going through with my Niwashi (japanese hand... Continue Reading →

Activism and food production

Yes, quite tightly linked actually, those two things. The more I get involved with growing food, the more I understand its inherent importance for our ability to stand up for our rights and freedoms, and being able to support others to do so. All movements of resistance need food. Through history, their capacity to procure... Continue Reading →

Dark moon, December

Hi lovely reader. You. Thanks for following, for reading, for sometimes commenting. It makes it worthwhile to maintain this, spending a couple of hours a week to gather my thoughts and write something up, and edit to make it all readable. I know, it doesn't happen every week, sometimes there's just too much going on.... Continue Reading →

New moon to first quarter

Things are looking very promising at workerBe oasis on Hospital rd. Yesterday, we got a little shed up to be able to store our tools, fertilisers and hose etc on site. And we finally received the grant from The Funding Network, so we can now buy the things we need. Best of all, there's a... Continue Reading →

WorkerBe Oasis news

Maybe you've started wondering why I don't post as regularly as you may expect. Well, I get so busy and tangled up in the work around WorkerBe Oasis, the urban farm, that I forget about it! So here are the news: Erin Todd, from WorkerBe, a social enterprise, and myself have recently founded WorkerBe Oasis.... Continue Reading →

Bee Aware Month

As you might have noticed, I didn't post this week. I've been down with that awful virus that's been going around all winter here, while trying to do all that needs doing to get WorkerBe Oasis in the ground, so writing my weekly blog kinda fell of to the wayside... It is very very exciting... Continue Reading →

Coming soon… WorkerBe Oasis!

You know what?! This is really exciting... Since almost a year, I've been working away on this bigger project with Erin Todd from WorkerBe and we're finally at a stage where we can reveal what we're doing! Starting this spring, we're going to grow huge quantities of food on public land, within Wellington. Yes, that's the... Continue Reading →


The days grow longer and the light comes back, and I long to get out in the garden. But I decided to have a look at the statistics for Wellington first and... we can have frosts up until November! The minimum air temperature mean is 6.7ºC for this month, while the mean air temp is... Continue Reading →

First stirrings of Spring

The first daffodils and hyacinths are flowering and in spite of the bitterly could southerly we've had the last couple of days, the buds are swelling and we notice the first stirrings of spring. This is also my first blog post since May, both because there's nothing to do in my totally shaded garden this... Continue Reading →

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