Spring Storms

The first really strong spring storm is upon us here in Wellington. I’m pricking out my seedlings at the kitchen table – way too cold and wet outside! As I’ve learnt to my expense, no annuals planted out at this time will do very well here: they get battered by the winds, then suddenly enthusiastically growing on a sunny day, just to be blown over again with the next storm.
This is one of the reasons I’ve adopted the Grow Bio-intensive method. It allows me to keep the garden soil covered in mature crops (I grow oats and lupins over winter) until the storms calm down in November. By then, my seedlings are strong and healthy and ready to go out, big enough to avoid slugs, snails, birds and the neighbor’s cat!
The first spring workshops are coming soon – keep an eye on the right hand side bar where you can find the dates and times. I’m looking forwards to share my gardening expereince and my permaculture perspective on it with you all this new growing season!


Roundhouse Workshop 31st May

Roundhouse Workshop

Bomun Bock-Chung from Sheltercraft is coming to teach us all how to build a portable roundhouse, a light structure with a reciprocal roof structure. Its origin is solid houses on foundations, but Bomun has adapted this which makes it possible to learn to build one in a day!
All happening in Newtown Saturday 31st May – $50-$75 on a sliding scale – contact me to register!

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