Pricking out and planting out

How is your garden looking now? Pretty bare, with young seedlings just establishing? Or still a jungle of last season's growth? Take it step by step and get new plants protected and well established. Leaving some old and tall plants around can help create a micro-climate the young seedlings appreciate, cutting the wind and the... Continue Reading →

Spring action

So much happening now that the spring equinox has been and passed! The days are finally longer than the nights, and everything seem to have an enormous growth spurt, weeds included. Here's what's to be done this week, and when, and what needs to be prepared now so that next week is a breeze. New... Continue Reading →

Liquid fertilisers

Stinky, sludgey, murky. And delicious for your plants and the soil life! Liquid fertilisers are easy to make, and cost a fortune to buy (sometimes). This week, Edible Oasis has some "recipes" for you to try out. The best time to apply liquid fertilisers seem to be before and after full moon, when plants swell... Continue Reading →

Our unreliable spring

Well, so much for our spring feelings, right? This week totally... blew them away, let's say. I can't help thinking "if only I had ordered the mikroclima cloth a week before" - yes, having it ten days ago might have saved those early plantings of perpetual spinach and silverbeet down at the oasis from getting... Continue Reading →

Back in time for spring!

Back in Wellington and getting geared up for spring. The time of year that I like to call "first stirrings of spring" is just starting, with the first bulbs showing above soil surface and the first treebuds swelling slightly. Even though it's still cold, when it's sunny it's really enjoyable and my greenhouse becomes a... Continue Reading →

Food Forest Gathering results

On May 21st, I had the honour to facilitate the Food Forest Gathering for the Wellington region, hosted by Common Unity Project at Epuni School, Lower Hutt. We hope we can make this a yearly thing, hosted and facilitated by new people each time - so if you feel like that could be you, do get... Continue Reading →

Matariki sharing

As you may notice, this time of year, the posts don't come as regularly. I've got a lot on my plate, so this week I'm going to send you on to Kath Irvine, up the coast. She runs Edible Backyard, very similar to what I'm doing - workshops, permaculture design consults and a blog -... Continue Reading →

Planting Perennials

The first real autumn rain has finally come and the soil is moist and open. Time to prepare the ground for autumn and winter plantings! Perennials are plants that come back year after year, keeping the same roots. In terms of edibles, it can be anything from asparagus or artichokes, which die back every autumn,... Continue Reading →

Ribes Family: Uva-Crispa

Uva Crispa? Big, juicy, tart but so sweet when it's the right time, prickly but pretty too... Gooseberries - the real ones, not cape! I'm a big fan of these delicious berries, and as with the other family members, they grow well in conditions few food plants relish. Gooseberries hail from colder climates and are... Continue Reading →


This week marks the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox - 21 March - and the Winter Solstice - 21 June - here. It is also the week when ANZAC is celebrated. I feel like there is an interesting connection and correlation there. (Since publishing this article, I've discovered Juliet Batten's blog which I highly recommend: Continue Reading →

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