Ribes Family: Rubrum

As you may guess from last week's post, we're continuing with my friends the Ribes. I like to imagine Rubrum as the younger sibling, maybe even twins! One redhead - the redcurrant - and one blond - the white varieties. Where Nigrum is big, dark and really nice raw or dried, Rubrum is better in... Continue Reading →

Ribes family: Nigrum

Who's that? Ribes? That's the currants - blackcurrant, redcurrant, gooseberry, white currant and ornamental currants. I've really been enjoying mine this summer and thought I'd share this with you. Actually, Ribes isn't a family properly speaking, but it's the only genus in the family Grossulariaceae, so we might as well treat it as a family... Continue Reading →

Autumn cleanup

This week, I'm cleaning up my own messy garden and getting it ready for winter. Some areas don't get enough sun to grow any food crops for the next few months, and others just need a spruce up and a bit of compost and fertiliser. I've started by going through with my Niwashi (japanese hand... Continue Reading →

Seeds and Seed saving

My garden looks a bit rough and ruffled now. Some places, I've pulled crops out, other things are long and straggly and threaten to fall over. Those are my very best plants, saved for seeds. Saving seeds isn't all that hard - and at the same time, it really is, if you want good quality.... Continue Reading →

Autumn plans

This afternoon, the sun is warm outside and I'm working with the window open. I want to savour the last few summery days, even though I love the still clarity of autumn too. It took me quite a few years to get used to seasons here, coming from Sweden and France. But by now, I... Continue Reading →

workerBe Oasis update

In only five months, we've done so much! I'm immensely proud of the Gardeners (and others!) who have helped me pull this crazy idea off: grow food in the city and give it to those who really need it. What an accomplishment. We're celebrating all this this Sunday with a big Harvest Picnic. Come along!... Continue Reading →


Mysterious plants, tomatos. We go through all this trouble to make this delicious tropical fruit grow, and then it surprises us by adapting and thriving by itself! This year, I started seed from at least 10 different varieties back in spring. Pricking out, then planting out under cloches... some I planted a little later after... Continue Reading →

Brassica – Cabbages

I want to write about cabbages today, as it seems I'm not the only one sometimes struggling with these. But there are plenty of solutions! The brassica-family consists of cabbages (red, green, savoy, chinese...), kale, cavolo nero, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mustard, radishes, mizuna, mibuna and some other asian salad greens. Except from radishes which... Continue Reading →

Summer garden

Summer - bountiful harvests, bolting lettuces and dry, dry winds! I'm mostly at the Oasis on Hospital rd these days, with very little attention going into my own backyard edible oasis. I water pretty much every two days, using a hand-held hose so I can direct the water where I want it and give different... Continue Reading →

Activism and food production

Yes, quite tightly linked actually, those two things. The more I get involved with growing food, the more I understand its inherent importance for our ability to stand up for our rights and freedoms, and being able to support others to do so. All movements of resistance need food. Through history, their capacity to procure... Continue Reading →

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