Year Round Yields

Happy New Year dear reader! Hoping you're enjoying abundant harvests from your own edible oasis and wishing you health and happiness in your garden, body and soul 🙂 ! Now is the time to plan your winter harvest, especially if you want to grow from seed. If you're not an experienced gardener, it may seem... Continue Reading →

A modular PDC in Wellington?

This week I'd like to crowdsource some inspiration from you. First some background: I've been teaching a few Permaculture Design Certificate courses (PDC's) over the past years, as part of a team of teachers in France. I decided to stop that as I moved here permanently, but now the opportunity has come up to create... Continue Reading →

Dark moon, December

Hi lovely reader. You. Thanks for following, for reading, for sometimes commenting. It makes it worthwhile to maintain this, spending a couple of hours a week to gather my thoughts and write something up, and edit to make it all readable. I know, it doesn't happen every week, sometimes there's just too much going on.... Continue Reading →

Full moon, November

I am once again reminded how important it is to keep my committments realistic. The past few weeks have been frantic! Now, workerBe oasis finally has a good crew of volunteers managing all the parts that aren't my forte. Instead, I can focus on organising the work on the Hospital rd oasis and teach the workshops.... Continue Reading →

New moon to first quarter

Things are looking very promising at workerBe oasis on Hospital rd. Yesterday, we got a little shed up to be able to store our tools, fertilisers and hose etc on site. And we finally received the grant from The Funding Network, so we can now buy the things we need. Best of all, there's a... Continue Reading →

Dark Moon

Ever wondered about the stories of the Moons influence on your garden? I have. Here's my thoughts and experiences...

First Quarter Moon, October

Whoosh! That's the sound of spring for me. Not just the speed at which growth suddenly bursts forth, but also the wind. Oh the welly winds... Luckily, my little haven is well protected but my previous garden really wasn't and I feel for all who have a windy garden. Wind breaks is essential, both using... Continue Reading →

New moon, October

So much is happening now it looks like an actual explotion, except it's not destructive but a growth explosion! I got back into my garden after two weeks away and it was covered in chickweed (stellaria media). As I chipped away at it with my beautiful Niwashi tool, the soil underneath was moist and open,... Continue Reading →

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