Dark moon, December

Hi lovely reader. You. Thanks for following, for reading, for sometimes commenting. It makes it worthwhile to maintain this, spending a couple of hours a week to gather my thoughts and write something up, and edit to make it all readable. I know, it doesn't happen every week, sometimes there's just too much going on.... Continue Reading →

What to do at New Moon

Sow Seeds Two days before the new moon is an excellent time to sow seeds. Lucky for us, this month it is this Saturday 20th in the afternoon, so you may actually have time to put some in the soil. Sow seeds of dwarf beans straight into the soil after soaking 8 hours in rainwater.... Continue Reading →

Vouchers, dates and what to do

Good news: There are now vouchers available for Edible Oasis workshops! One for $12, or the Grow More Veges series of 6 workshops for $60 - saves you $12. The workshop dates are set for January and I'm excited by the number of people telling me this is exactly what they've been looking for. Posters... Continue Reading →

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