Already end of January

Maybe you're back from holidays, discovering a jungle at your doorstep. Or maybe you've been here, watering and tending your edibles and start having tomatos ripening. Personnally, I've been here but rather enjoying not doing very much in the garden and preferring to sit with a book in the shade! Now, things are getting a... Continue Reading →

Vouchers, dates and what to do

Good news: There are now vouchers available for Edible Oasis workshops! One for $12, or the Grow More Veges series of 6 workshops for $60 - saves you $12. The workshop dates are set for January and I'm excited by the number of people telling me this is exactly what they've been looking for. Posters... Continue Reading →

Seedling overload!

Wow, I've been a bit over-enthusiastic this year! Hundreds of seedlings are filling up my hothouse already. I always grow some extras to give away and to plant in the community gardens, but this time I've just got too much. So even though the workshops haven't yet started, get in touch if you want seedlings... Continue Reading →

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