Liquid fertilisers

Stinky, sludgey, murky. And delicious for your plants and the soil life! Liquid fertilisers are easy to make, and cost a fortune to buy (sometimes). This week, Edible Oasis has some "recipes" for you to try out. The best time to apply liquid fertilisers seem to be before and after full moon, when plants swell... Continue Reading →

Our unreliable spring

Well, so much for our spring feelings, right? This week totally... blew them away, let's say. I can't help thinking "if only I had ordered the mikroclima cloth a week before" - yes, having it ten days ago might have saved those early plantings of perpetual spinach and silverbeet down at the oasis from getting... Continue Reading →

WorkerBe Oasis news

Maybe you've started wondering why I don't post as regularly as you may expect. Well, I get so busy and tangled up in the work around WorkerBe Oasis, the urban farm, that I forget about it! So here are the news: Erin Todd, from WorkerBe, a social enterprise, and myself have recently founded WorkerBe Oasis.... Continue Reading →

Bee Aware Month

As you might have noticed, I didn't post this week. I've been down with that awful virus that's been going around all winter here, while trying to do all that needs doing to get WorkerBe Oasis in the ground, so writing my weekly blog kinda fell of to the wayside... It is very very exciting... Continue Reading →

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