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workerBe Oasis is a not-for-profit that I co-founded with Erin Leigh Todd, who runs a social enterprise called workerBe. We are around 25 people now, establishing edible Oases on underused land in Wellington. The site I’m managing is at 5 Hospital road in Newtown, between the hospital and governor general’s land, limit to Mount Cook. With the help of keen volunteers, we have now established around 150m2 of bio-intensive beds there. Another 200 are still to come, plus fruit bushes and trees to be planted autumn 2016.

The aim of this society is to provide food for charities working with poor people, education for its members and pleasant and educational edible spaces for anyone to enjoy. Each week, Kaibosh comes to pick up 50% of the produce to distribute to charities. Edible Oasis workshops are half price for workerBe Oasis members, and we aim for them to be totally free of charge. The public’s enjoyment of this Oasis is already obvious, as more and more people come there to enjoy their lunch and walk among the vegetables.

We also have another site, on Thurleigh Grove in Karori. It is a steep site, so it is better suited for perennials. Late winter 2015 it got planted as an orchard by a group of volunteers co-ordinated by Fredd Marshall, one of our core members. We are looking for more land, the requirements are: minimum of 500m2, flat to gently sloping, unpolluted and with a lease of minimum 3 years. If you have someting to offer, please let us know!

An easy way to get involved is to become an Oasis member – just fill in the form below and set up an automatic payment online. We rely on members and supporting businesses for our ongoing expenses, and apply for public funding for set-up costs. Our goal is to become self-sustaining financially while still expanding to more sites, to create a more edible Wellington!


Food gardening in Wellington NZ

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