Kaicycle Incorporated Society (previously called workerBe Oasis) is a not-for-profit that I co-founded with Erin Leigh Todd in 2015. We are around 25 people now, establishing edible oases on underused land in Wellington. The first site is 1500m2 council-owned land at Hospital road in Newtown, between the hospital and governor general’s house, that we have an occupational licence for. With the help of keen volunteers, we have now established around 400m2 of bio-intensive beds there, plus fruit trees and other perennials around the perimeter.

The aim of Kaicycle Urban Farm is to provide training for budding urban farmers, functioning as an incubator where we provide the land, infrastructure and connections to market. This way, the person working can focus on growing food and build their relationships with their clients, without having to invest money to start out.

Another important goal is to create pleasant and educational edible spaces for anyone to enjoy and food for charities working with people in need of it. Kaibosh has been picking up part of the production since day one and we continue to have a great relationship. The public enjoyment of this oasis is already obvious, as more and more people come there for a lunch break and walk among the vegetables.

We also compost food waste for households and businesses on a subscription basis – Kaicycle Composting.

You can come along to a casual volunteer session, Sundays 11am-1pm.


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