Grow More Veges Workshops

A new and fresh workshop series is coming up at the urban farm in Newtown, Wellington (NZ). Each session is 90 minutes long and cost $22 online ($25 on the day) with two spots available for Timebank credits – but if you register for the full series you get a good discount!

For a lucky few who sign up to the full workshop series, the position as Gardener at the urban farm is open… Practice the skills from the workshops alongside experienced urban farmers! More information after registration.


5 thoughts on “Grow More Veges Workshops

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  1. Hi, I’m a teacher at Wellington high school. I have a year 9 class that is themed around “sustainability”. Would a working bee mid week by approx 20 students be of use at the Hospital road patch be of any use? We can bring our own tools etc

    1. HiBob!
      Thanks for asking! Yes, I’m sure we can find interesting things to do for your students. Please contact me via email with details such as day and time you prefer, length of session and age of students, and I’ll talk to the others managing the site with me to arrange tasks and who of us can be there.
      Looking forwards!

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