Grow More Veges #5: Edible Garden Maintenance

You’ve got a garden going and your edibles are growing. But they could surely do even better!

Strong plants are much more resistant to pests and disease, so we’ll mainly look at how to provide everything the plant needs to thrive, but also how to choose the best back-up method if disaster strikes. Hands-on experience in a working urban farm helps you see what solutions you can adapt to your own situation.

The workshop is 90 minutes long and cost $22 if paid in advance online ($25 cash on the day) with a discount when you register for the whole workshop series. Two spots are available for Timebank credits.

Check dates to the right and register now!


6 thoughts on “Grow More Veges #5: Edible Garden Maintenance

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  1. You say this workshop is for already established gardens. Our garden is still in the planning phase, do you think it will still be useful for us? Will it involve learning about the best condition for plants? Because in that case, it could still be useful as we could plan our garden/compost/design accordingly.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      it’s much easier to put the information to use in an established garden, but you will take away a lot of learning heling you to establish one as well. I would recommend also coming to the “Gardening in Time & Space”, which is specifically developed to help participants plan their edible oases, both where to plant things and rotations relating to the needs of different plants. If you’re just starting out, I do offer one-on-one permaculture design consultations starting at $150 for a snapshot design. People find this really helpful and saving them lots of time and energy (and money!) when setting up a new edible garden.
      Hope this helps!

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